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LetItPlay Mobile App

Install LetItPlay mobile app and start listening to the Internet today!

Mobile app is the most convenient way to access all audio currently available on LetItPlay.

LetItPlay app has user friendly interface that even inexperienced user will easily enjoy.

Voice recognition is coming soon! You will be able to find and play your favourite content without taking hands off the wheel.

Inline Web widget

Make your texts audible using our easy-to-embed inline web widget

Making your content audible is as easy as adding one html tag to your web page. Give your visitors an option to listen to your content.

Video Manual

Advanced Web widget

Compact and functional player allows visitors of your website to listen to all your audio straight from the main page

To make your website audible just add one line of html code to your main page. It is as easy as adding Google Analytics. Your visitors will thank you for a new and convenient way to consume your content.

Video Manual

Control Panel

Upload audio versions of your content to LetItPlay via Control Panel and create your own audio layer

In Control panel you can upload and edit your podcasts and news, adjust visual appearance of your channel and, furthermore, you can create and configure inline and advanced web widgets.

Video Manual
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