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Audio layer
of the internet

We are creating a decentralized ecosystem with attention economy which allows any news portal, community, blogger or website to create, distribute and commercialize audio version of content

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Private presale
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The crisis of visual perception

Visual Perception is exhausted!

Youtube and TV, books and blogs, facebook and video games have overtaxed our sight. And yet content grows more and better and we do not have the time to appreciate it

Good old audio

On average people have 3 hours per day for audio. How about you?

The majority of content can be heard rather than seen without any information loss: news, blogs, books, articles, etc. Let’s say you are driving and ask LetItPlay "Give me a 30-minute digest of the latest news" or "Suggest movies playing this weekend". LetItplay then compiles a 30-minute playlist based on your request and personal preferences. And your time spent driving is never wasted time.

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Where to get so much audio?

Less than 1% of information is available as audio: podcasts, audioguides and audiobooks

While the remaining 99% of the Internet is silent: news, blogs, books, articles, etc. Blockchain LetItPlay will solve this problem with the help of the attention economy.

can be made available as audio without any info loss 00 % video 00 % text

Advanced attention economy

In LetItPlay we implement attention economy similar to Steem but more complex and balanced to take into account interests of all acting parts in the ecosystem

The basis of attention economy:

1. Consumer with his attention determines the content value

2. The valuable content should be rewarded

3. Consumers are different and their attention has different value


Consumer is the main acting part in the Internet and his time and attention are the main limiting resources

Content Providers and Advertisers are competing for them

Play and PlayPower


An utility token for payment transactions in the ecosystem

Play tokens will be emitted as a reward to Content Providers according to Consumers listens, likes and shares


Determines user influence in the Ecosystem

It is also a powerful competitive tool to win the Consumers attention

The amount of PlayPower also determines the weight of vote for decisions in decentralized governance

PlayPower function


PlayPower determines the value of the Consumer attention to content and Ads

Content Provider

The amount of emitted reward depends on PlayPower. High PlayPower increases the probability for content to be recommended to Consumers

Service Provider

PlayPower affects Service-providers rating in marketplace search results


Advertisers compete with each other for the Consumer attention via PlayPower. Higher PlayPower leads to higher probability of delivering ads to Consumer

Content Distributors

The reward for Distributor for delivering content to Consumer depends on his PlayPower


PlayPower determines the weight of vote for decisions in decentralized governance


Working MVP

More than 100 Content Providers has already joined to our platform and are creating content for you every day

Our web-widgets have been used more than 1 million times

More than 2000 audio tracks are added to LetItPlay per month: news, blogs, education, fun and much more

All of these can be found in our mobile apps for iOS and Android that are already available for download

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Having consumers, producers and service providers within one ecosystem will drastically change audio content market

Service Providers

New freelance opportunities will be created for narrators, editors and translators

Service Providers will get access to global market

Service Providers will get a stable commission source

Content Providers

The cost of audio production will decrease by an order of magnitude (falling below $1 per minute)

Audio-version creation time will decrease down to 30 min

Content Providers will get an affordable and fast way of audio production

Content Consumers

Consumers will get tons of quality content

Content Distributors

Distributors will get a unified source of content to use in their apps


A two-year roadmap is designed to facilitate balanced and gradual development of three main directions: platform, blockchain, community and content



Community and content

Stage 1

  • Mobile application with podcast feed
  • Web panel for Content Providers
  • Audio web widget
  • ERC20 token
  • Account page and wallet
  • Aggregation of existing podcasts
  • Sponsorship for audio creation for popular content

Stage 2

  • Adaptive audio feed to support typical content consumption scenarios in mobile app
  • Web panel for Service Providers
  • Statistics gathering and fine-tuning attention economy implementation on testnet
  • Payment service for Service Provider
  • Local adepts across the globe
  • Service Providers attraction

Stage 3

  • Audio-feed with flexible filtering and AI-based recommendation system
  • Marketplace for Service Providers
  • Web panel for Distributors
  • API for Distributors
  • Original blockchain with attention economy support
  • ERC20 Play tokens convertion
  • Blockchain integration of partnered distributors
  • Attracting new developers for creating new specialized apps: audio guides, audio books, etc.

Stage 4

  • Pre-publish content bufferization
  • Agent roles for users
  • Web panel for Agents
  • Internal exchange for Play tokens
  • Agent network development for ecosystem support

Stage 5

  • Natural interface based on voice recognition for mobile apps
  • Web panel for Communities
  • DAO elements for Communities
  • Fiat gateway for Play tokens exchange
  • Extending support to new types of content: video, music, etc.
  • Attracting Communities

Stage 6

  • AI-based spam and copyright protection
  • Web panel for Advertiser
  • Content storage and delivery optimization
  • Advertisers attraction
Project team
Andrey Durakov
Kirill Yurkov
Grisha Klimov
Web and Cloud Expert
Aleksander Drem
Business Development
Product Team
Danil Gubaydulin
Product Manager
Vadim Kropotin
Product Manager
Anastasia Sumergenova
Content Manager
Igor Demin
Community Manager
Victor Borodulin
Community Manager
Developers Team
Alexey Tyurnin
iOS Developer
Salavat Gazizov
Full stack Developer
Daria Badanina
Android Developer
Alexey Krayev
Blockchain Developer
Polina Abrosimova
iOS Developer
Design and Marketing Team
Alexander Klimov
UX/UI Designer
Anna Shekhtman
Anna Osokina
Alina Ibragimova
Design & Marketing
Kevin van der Veer
Initiator Dutch Blockchain Network
Petr Asalkhanov
Justin Fondriest (Fuzzy)
Beyond Bitcoin, WhaleShares – Founder, BitShares – Cofounder
Adrien Henni
Advisor international development
Lyubov Simonova
Head Of Department
Michail Okunev
Machine Learning Expert,
Anti-fraud Expert
Michail Nikulin
Co-founder and CTO


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Zürich, Switzerland

9 March 2018

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28–29 March 2018

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Developer Conference

Shanghai, China

5–6 May 2018

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Hong Kong

8 May 2018

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10 June 2018

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